Monday, May 2, 2011

The City Hub

Hobbling and limping,
poor eyesight,
an aging man found his way home
through familiar, empty walkways.
The pain it came
when, drawn in by the energy,
he would explore distant,
crowded neighborhoods.
Cold and tired,
his knees would ache,
as hurried drivers honked
at his unsteady gait.
Yet he would endure the pain
of walking to this distant city hub,
motivated solely by a
lingering hope of
encountering love.
 On one of these days,
the sun shown with unusual brightness,
and music brought life to families
enjoying ice cream in the city square.
Smiling, he let the beauty soak in
when he noticed a woman,
sitting on a bench by herself.
This was two years ago,
and now they are happily married.
 Perhaps today,
you will see them holding hands,
sitting in the city hub,
enjoying the pleasant surprises
of unexpected love.

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