Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A New Land

An endless ocean
and rolling hills
are separated by golden beaches
and occasional forests.
Somewhere amidst the hills,
near a willow tree
lies a weathered cabin
with log walls
 and a sod roof.
A warm, orange glow,

emerges from its windows,
mixing in swirls
with the ocean-blue twilight.

The scent of fresh pine
escapes from the chimney.
Inside, I am warmed by a crackling fire.
How I got here I do not remember.
After some consideration,

I pick up my bag and go outside
to explore...
The waterfalls here
are majestic.
Even frightening,
as they crash into the water
with an explosive sound.
The creatures seem friendly, yet quiet.
The setting sun is not scolding, yet bright.
As I walk I see other creatures
diving quietly
into deep pools
that are filled with
vivid colors
and forms of life
yet to be discovered.
I decide to return home
and collapse in my feathery bed.
And I fall asleep,
expecting this strange day to be a dream.
But I find that this foreign land
has adventure, both exhilarating and terrifying,
and beauty,
awaiting me
that I never would have imagined.

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