Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jacob's Falls

There is a place I fondly recall
known as Jacobs Falls
in Upper Peninsula Michigan.
It’s where I go in my mind
every now and then.
It is a fun, hour long hike,
and you can enjoy fresh-picked
red raspberries
on your way up.
And if you get hot
you can swim in the icy, shallow water
that flows into the translucent Lake Superior.
I remember doing just that
with my family a couple summers ago.
And just near the base of the falls
is a little Bakery run by Orthodox monks
called the Jampot,
where they make organic jam
and the best cookies I’ve ever eaten.
I vividly recall
riding our bikes to Jacobs Falls.
It took about a half hour.
Yet I still go there in my mind
every now and then.

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